From amazing clients we've been honored to help

Laura Licursi

“Thank you so much, you’ve really relieved the stress I was feeling about having to try straightening out the mess in my QBO.  I’m so grateful to you.”

Owner, Elite Virtual Assistants 

Chad Robertson

"I’m at the international builders conference this week and my focus this year is heavy on financials. Much of the presentations I’ve seen so far have focused “what builders typically do wrong” with their financial statements! I have to say that we don’t fall into that category and that is in large part to you and your team. I appreciate you, your team, and the value you bring to our company. Just wanted you to know that!"

Robertson Builders

Nancy Webber, PhD

“ Sherrington Financial offers the Mercedes Benz of Service and repletes of Integrity”


Chad & Sarah Wiebe

"Sherry and her team are amazing. Not only does Sherry deliver on promises, but she is so helpful and insightful. I can't tell you how grateful we are to have found her to help with our accounting and business planning."

Owners, Oak Stone Outfitters

Paul Mazelin

"I'm truly impressed with the services provided by Sherry and her team. She has managed all the finances in my start-up business. The services provided by her and her team are invaluable to the continuing success of our enterprise."

Owner, SiMEDEx

Connie Kahanu

"Thank you so much! You are so fast and so efficient! I don't know what I would do without you ladies. Thank you!!!!"


David A. Thompson PhD

In my time at Stanford, I was exposed to a range of professional talent. Based on this broad experience, I have found Sherry Herrington to be one of the more competent business personnel with whom I have come into contact.

Emeritus Professor, Stanford University

Deborah Hansen

"Thanks for your help and friendship ladies in 2022. Heres to 2023 !!"

Southpaw Sign Company, Inc.


"Sherry and her team have been exceptional to work with. They are organized, highly proficient, and easy to work with. Their service has been an major upgrade to our financial reporting, and instrumental in making strategic decisions as we grow the business. I recommend their services without reservation."


Jazmine & Jenny

"Thank you to the whole Sherrington Team - it's been a pleasure cleaning up our bookkeeping with your team this year."



"two thumbs up! Awesome!"


CK Builders

"No worries, we are all trying to do what we can to right this ship. Thank you for all you and your team are doing to help us get lined out. THANK YOU!😊"


All Star Plumbing

"Thank you for all your support this year. We appreciate you and your team big time!"


Linda H.

"Your company did great work for CCHD and I know everyone here appreciates it very much, myself included."


Cindy Edwards

"THANK YOU MARGIE! I so appreciate your help with this. Sherry, Margie is the bomb! Thank you both for keeping me afloat…I appreciate it."

President, CK Builders Inc.
General Contractor | Certified Building Analyst


"Sherry and her team have helped our business tremendously! She was heaven sent for us. We are a semi-new small construction business and Sherry and her team have helped us clean up previous years’ books, and have advised us in the right direction moving forward. We appreciate that we can get a hold of them in a timely manner and answer our questions. We can see the passion Sherry has for her business and helping businesses succeed. She’s very Professional and will not sugar coat things for you but will advise you in your best interest and we appreciate that. Thank you, Sherry and the whole Team! We highly recommend"


Nagla Orlando

"Sherry and her team have been absolutely fabulous. They have taken a full year of books and cleaned them up in order to see the financial health of my company. This year is off to a nice and organized easy to manage place so nothing falls through the cracks. Understanding the nuances of expenses, cost of goods, and income has helped me to revisit my fees and structure to keep my company profitable and productive. I couldn't have evaluated it properly without all of their expertise and help. I highly recommend Sherry and her team to any small business owner!"



"Sherry and her team have continued to provide exceptional services since 2020. Tasked from the beginning with a heavy load including clean up work, setting up our account on QuickBooks and a complete overhaul of our accounting procedures, Sherry and her team have been true professionals all the way! Each step of the way they continue to help train and work with our staff and Board of Directors to provide quality financial records and reports. We would highly recommend Sherry and her team to companies small and large."



"When Sherry answered my request for help setting up our S Corp I nearly cried. I was so overwhelmed. In a few short minutes with her I knew she was the right person for us. I couldn't even sleep at night. The sense of relief was overwhelming."



"Sherry and her staff are EXCELLENT! I cannot put into words what she has done for our finances and getting us on track to our goals both in business and personal. We can't thank her enough and bless the day we found her and her financial services! I highly recommend her to everyone!"


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Hi! I'm Sherry Herrington,

Growing up in an area where the main industry was small business, I learned that most small business owners are good at whatever it is that they started their business to do, whether that’s selling a product or providing a service. But most of them are not prepared to handle the financial side of the business.

That’s where we come in. Specializing in helping small businesses with managing their finances and guiding them with solid business consulting allows them to do what they love to do and to succeed.