From amazing clients we've been honored to help

Laura Licursi

“Thank you so much, you’ve really relieved the stress I was feeling about having to try straightening out the mess in my QBO.  I’m so grateful to you.”

Owner, Elite Virtual Assistants 

Tony Van Coops

"Thanks Margie, and Sherrington Financial Fitness.   I'm glad you know how to handle the accounting matters.   It's all really complicated and confusing to me and having your assistance has helped me let go of the worry of having to deal with that part of the business so I can focus on my part instead."

TVC Construction

Nancy Webber, PhD

“ Sherrington Financial offers the Mercedes Benz of Service and repletes of Integrity”


Chad & Sarah Wiebe

"Sherry and her team are amazing. Not only does Sherry deliver on promises, but she is so helpful and insightful. I can't tell you how grateful we are to have found her to help with our accounting and business planning."

Owners, Oak Stone Outfitters

Paul Mazelin

"I'm truly impressed with the services provided by Sherry and her team. She has managed all the finances in my start-up business. The services provided by her and her team are invaluable to the continuing success of our enterprise."

Owner, SiMEDEx

New Client

"You already have a better understanding of our accounting then the CPA we had working for us for two years did."

Owner, Local Company

David A. Thompson PhD

In my time at Stanford, I was exposed to a range of professional talent. Based on this broad experience, I have found Sherry Herrington to be one of the more competent business personnel with whom I have come into contact.

Emeritus Professor, Stanford University

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Sherrington Financial Fitness

Hi! I'm Sherry Herrington,

Growing up in an area where the main industry was small business, I learned that most small business owners are good at whatever it is that they started their business to do, whether that’s selling a product or providing a service. But most of them are not prepared to handle the financial side of the business.

That’s where we come in. Specializing in helping small businesses with managing their finances and guiding them with solid business consulting allows them to do what they love to do and to succeed.