Balancing the “Ins” and “Ons”

If you own a small business, then you likely have heard about Michael E. Gerber’s iconic book The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It.  I’ve talked about his concept of working IN the business vs working ON the business before. But the constant struggle to find the…

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Starting the New Year with a Plan

By Sherry Lutz Herrington Setting yourself up for success starts with outlining where you’ve been and where you want to go.  There are numerous models that can be used for strategic business planning. I’m going to suggest you pare it down to the simplest version possible. Simplifying the process has two objectives: To make it…

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How to Build Company Culture with a Remote Team

By Sherry Lutz Herrington I love studying company culture. I believe it is paramount to the success of any company to build their company culture with intention.  Although we were a remote team before the pandemic, we were still able to get together in person occasionally.  We actually had our last team event the week…

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Overcoming Money Blocks

By Sherry Lutz Herrington Time and again I watch as my clients struggle with their money blocks, and I struggle with how to help them.  I believe we all have them from time to time.  The hard part is recognizing why we are having financial difficulties and figuring out how to overcome them.   Since my…

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The Four Stages of Team Development

By Sherry Lutz Herrington I learned about The Four Stages of Team Development from my teenage son after he returned from Boy Scouts National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT).  At first, I listened to what he reported and thought, “Oh, that’s interesting.”  But then as I started thinking about how it applied to my business, I…

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Entrepreneurial Fears

Woman with head in hands looking at laptop

By Sherry Lutz Herrington I’m fascinated by the differences I see between male and female entrepreneurs and how they run their businesses.  Some things about the differences one might expect, and other things might surprise you. Generally speaking, I see men hide their fears, muscle their way through, and pretend everything is okay.  Lots of…

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Categorizing Your People

group of people looking at laptop screen around a table

By Sherry Lutz Herrington I love classifying and categorizing things. I guess that’s part of why I love accounting.  It’s all about grouping and organizing.   One thing I like to categorize is people.  I don’t mean this in a racist or demeaning sort of way. It’s a way of seeing who’s on my side, who’s…

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Living in an Uncertain World


As we come to accept that our world has changed, probably permanently, we’re forced to face the fact that we can no longer count on the future looking like what we expect it to.  In fact, we have no idea what the near future is going to look like.   Will there be another shutdown?  Are…

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What PPP Should Mean

lightbulb laying on chalkboard with mind map like circles around it

By Sherry Lutz Herrington It used to be when you heard the acronym PPP you thought of piss-poor-planning.  Lately, it’s come to stand for the Paycheck Protection Program that the SBA has established under the recent CARES Act as part of the COVID-19 recovery plan. I think we should now use PPP to stand for…

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A Time to Reap and a Time to Sow

tomato plants

By Sherry Lutz Herrington As I sit at home under “stay at home” orders, I think, what an odd time this is. It is so quiet, so calm.  Yes, there’s an underlying sense of fear and foreboding, I think we have adapted well as individuals, as families, as communities, as a nation, and as a…

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