Entrepreneurial Fears

Woman with head in hands looking at laptop

By Sherry Lutz Herrington It’s always fascinated me the differences I see between male and female entrepreneurs and how they run their businesses.  Some things about the differences one might expect, and other things might surprise you. Generally speaking, I see men hide their fears, muscle their way through, and pretend everything is okay.  Lots…

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Categorizing Your People

group of people looking at laptop screen around a table

By Sherry Lutz Herrington I love classifying and categorizing things, I guess that’s part of why I love accounting.  It’s all about grouping and organizing.   One thing I like to categorize is people.  I don’t mean this in a racist or demeaning sort of way; I do it as a way of seeing who’s on…

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Living in an Uncertain World


As we come to accept that our world has changed, probably permanently, we’re forced to face the fact that we can no longer count on the future looking like what we expect it to.  In fact, we have no idea what the near future is going to look like.   Will there be another shutdown?  Will…

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What PPP Should Mean

lightbulb laying on chalkboard with mind map like circles around it

By Sherry Lutz Herrington It used to be when you heard the acronym PPP you thought of piss-poor-planning.  Lately, it’s come to stand for the Paycheck Protection Program that the SBA has established under the recent CARES Act as part of the COVID-19 recovery plan. I think we should now use PPP to stand for…

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A Time to Reap and a Time to Sow

tomato plants

By Sherry Lutz Herrington As I sit at home under “stay at home” orders, I think, what an odd time this is. It is so quiet, so calm.  Yes, there’s an underlying sense of fear and foreboding, I think we have adapted well as individuals, as families, as communities, as a nation, and as a…

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Survival of the Financially Fittest

tiger with mouth open in mid-roar

By Sherry Lutz Herrington As we move into unchartered times with the coronavirus disrupting our lives, we will likely see more financial challenges for small businesses over the coming months than we have in the last 10 years.  Unfortunately, as with most pandemics in history, there will likely be a culling of the weakest in…

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The Reality of Payroll

woman working on laptop with coffee and notes next to her on table

By Sherry Lutz-Herrington One of my team members brought it to my attention recently that it seems business owners are afraid of payroll.  I thought about it and I think she’s right. We talk a lot about the difference between independent contractors and employees, but we don’t talk about payroll itself. Maybe, as accounting professionals,…

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Starting the Year Strong

Taking a high-level view of your business early in the year can help you set yourself up for a successful, profitable, and less stressful year. It’s all in the planning. Like good road map, a well-executed plan will take you where you want or need to go. But first, you must make the plan. Although…

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Help Needed!

Help Needed sign

Most businesses get beyond the one-woman (or one-man) show size at some point.  Usually sooner than expected.  When you are a solopreneur, it often becomes obvious that in order to grow your business you will need to expand. The question is, do you hire an employee, or do you outsource some of the work? This…

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Strategic Goals

weekly planner on ipad

When it comes to goal setting, we frequently hear about setting SMART goals. Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time-bound And I’m all in favor of goals being SMART; it is a simple framework to use when implementing goals, but I’d like to talk about goals from a different perspective. If you are running a business, I…

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