Is Your Business Accounting Overwhelming You?
We Can Help.

We help businesses get control of and learn to understand their finances so they can focus on their dreams.

  • Organized Financials
  • Cash Flow Optimization
  • Reach Your Goals

What’s Your Accounting Challenge?

Time, Fear, Lack of Know-How?

  • Do you struggle to get your accounting ready for tax preparation?
  • Are you tired of never knowing how much money you have?
  • What would it be like if your financials were always up to date?

You Can Have Control Over Your Accounting Without Struggle, Fear, and Stress!

Overwhelmed with Business Finances

Discover the Power of Partnering with Sherrington Financial Fitness

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Current Financials

Know your financials are up to date so that you can see what’s happening in your business and make smart decisions.

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Ability to Pivot

Be ready to handle any unexpected situation that arises in your business or personal life.

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Be in Control

Enjoy the freedom of getting back to the reason you started your business and live in your zone of genius.

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Hi! I'm Sherry Herrington

As a small business owner I sit in the same seat you do, so I understand your concerns and worries. I also work with other business owners to help them. This gives me a unique perspective and the advantage of seeing what works and what doesn’t. Armed with this insight, together we can develop new ways to strategically focus your business.

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Follow These 3 Steps to Getting Your Life Back!

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Step 1

Book your free
"Get out of Chaos"

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Step 2

We assess
your mess and
create a plan.

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Step 3

Together we
tame the financial tigers,
get you back on track,
& bring you peace of mind.

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5 Ways to Streamline Your Accounting Process

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"I’m at the international builders conference this week and my focus this year is heavy on financials. Much of the presentations I’ve seen so far have focused “what builders typically do wrong” with their financial statements! I have to say that we don’t fall into that category and that is in large part to you and your team. I appreciate you, your team, and the value you bring to our company. Just wanted you to know that!"

Chad Robertson

Robertson Builders

"Thank you so much, you’ve really relieved the stress I was feeling about having to try straightening out the mess in my QBO. I’m so grateful to you.”

Laura Licursi

Owner, Elite Virtual Assistants

"Thank you so much! You are so fast and so efficient! I don't know what I would do without you ladies. Thank you!!!!"

Connie Kahanu


Great meeting as always! The information and knowing our numbers has been the key in helping us with our financial goals. We can't thank you and Margie enough! We are very excited about the future and where we are going!

Cindy Petrovich

Petrovich Real Estate

I am so excited to work with Sherry and her team! I have worked with Sherry in the past, but now its for my very own business. I know I am in great hands with her accuracy, and her actions to keep me on the right track. I am so happy to have her by my side. I highly recommend Sherrington Financial Fitness to anyone needed a great accountant or personal financial coaching.

Jackie Obrien

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Hi! I'm Sherry Herrington,

Growing up in an area where the main industry was small business, I learned that most small business owners are good at whatever it is that they started their business to do, whether that’s selling a product or providing a service. But most of them are not prepared to handle the financial side of the business.

That’s where we come in. Specializing in helping small businesses with managing their finances and guiding them with solid business consulting allows them to do what they love to do and to succeed.